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    • Are Government Bonds Net Wealth? 

      Barro, Robert J. (University of Chicago Press, 1974)
      The assumption that government bonds are perceived as net wealth by the private sector is crucial in demonstrating real effects of shifts in the stock of public debt. In particular, the standard effects of "expansionary" ...
    • Average Marginal Tax Rates from Social Security and the Individual Income Tax 

      Barro, Robert J.; Sahasakul, Chaipat (University of Chicago Press, 1986)
      We extend previous estimates of the average marginal tax rate from the federal individual income tax to include social security. Our computations consider the tax rates on employers, employees, and the self-employed; the ...
    • Convergence 

      Barro, Robert J.; Sala-i-Martin, Xavier (University of Chicago Press, 1992)
      A key economic issue is whether poor countries or regions tend to grow faster than rich ones: are there automatic forces that lead to convergence over time in the levels of per capita income and product? We use the ...
    • Currency Unions 

      Alesina, Alberto; Barro, Robert (MIT Press, 2002)
      Common currencies affect trading costs and, thereby, the amounts of trade, output, and consumption. From the perspective of monetary policy, the adoption of another country's currency trades off the benefits of commitment ...
    • Determinants of Democracy 

      Barro, Robert J. (University of Chicago Press, 1999)
      A panel study of over 100 countries from 1960 to 1995 finds that improvements in the standard of living predict increase in democracy, as measured by a subjective indicator of electoral rights. The propensity for democracy ...
    • An Efficiency-Wage Theory of the Weather 

      Barro, Robert J. (University of Chicago Press, 1989)
      No abstract provided.
    • Essays on Asset Pricing and Econometrics 

      Jin, Tao (2014-06-06)
      This dissertation presents three essays on asset pricing and econometrics. The first chapter identifies rare events and long-run risks simultaneously from a rich data set (the Barro-Ursua macroeconomic data set) and evaluates ...
    • Futures Markets and the Fluctuations in Inflation, Monetary Growth, and Asset Returns 

      Barro, Robert J. (University of Chicago Press, 1986)
      Inflation and nominal interest rates have been volatile in recent years. Futures contracts in price indices would help in this environment by enhancing information about prices and by providing a convenient means for ...
    • Government Spending in a Simple Model of Endogeneous Growth 

      Barro, Robert J. (University of Chicago Press, 1990)
      One strand of endogenous-growth models assumes constant returns to a broad concept of capital. I extend these models to include tax- financed government services that affect production or utility. Growth and saving rates ...
    • Inflation, the Payments Period, and the Demand for Money 

      Barro, Robert J. (University of Chicago Press, 1970)
    • Inflationary Finance and the Welfare Cost of Inflation 

      Barro, Robert J. (University of Chicago Press, 1972)
      This paper applies previous theoretical and empirical results on inflation and demand for money to a study of inflationary finance and the welfare cost of inflation. The amount of revenue generated by a steady inflation ...
    • International Data on Educational Attainment: Updates and Implications 

      Barro, Robert; Lee, Jong-Wha (Center for International Development at Harvard University, 2000-04)
      This paper presents a data set that improves the measurement of educational attainment for a broad group of countries. We extend our previous estimates of educational attainment for the population over age 15 and over age ...
    • Measuring the Average Marginal Tax Rate from the Individual Income Tax 

      Barro, Robert J.; Sahasakul, Chaipat (University of Chicago Press, 1983)
      The economic effects of taxation depend on the configuration of marginal tax rates. We consider here the appropriate measure of a marginal tax rate for the federal individual income tax, which has a graduated-rate structure ...
    • Monopoly and Contrived Depreciation 

      Barro, Robert J. (University of Chicago Press, 1972)
      No abstract provided.
    • On the Determination of the Public Debt 

      Barro, Robert J. (University of Chicago Press, 1979)
      A public debt theory is constructed in which the Ricardian invariance theorem is valid as a first-order proposition but where the dependence of excess burden on the timing of taxation implies an optimal time path of debt ...
    • On the Welfare Costs of Consumption Uncertainty 

      Barro, Robert (National Bureau of Economic Research, 2006)
      Satisfactory calculations of the welfare cost of aggregate consumption uncertainty require a framework that replicates major features of asset prices and returns, such as the high equity premium and low risk-free rate. A ...
    • On Uncertain Lifetimes 

      Barro, Robert J.; Friedman, James W. (University of Chicago Press, 1977)
      This paper contrasts consumer choice under uncertain lifetimes with the behavior that would arise if each individual's lifetime were announced at birth. In a model that includes life insurance and excludes investments in ...
    • Optimal Currency Areas 

      Alesina, Alberto; Barro, Robert; Tenreyro, Silvana (MIT Press, 2002)
    • Output Effects of Government Purchases 

      Barro, Robert J. (University of Chicago Press, 1981)
      The theoretical analysis focuses on the distinction between temporary and permanent movements in government purchases. Under plausible conditions, the temporary case involves an output response that is positive, less than ...
    • Pay, Performance, and Turnover of Bank CEOs 

      Barro, Jason R.; Barro, Robert J. (University of Chicago Press, 1990)
      A new data set covers chief executive officers (CEOs) of large commercial banks over the period 1982-87. For newly hired CEOs, the elasticity of pay with respect to assets is about one-third. For continuing CEOs, the change ...