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    • Entrepreneurship as Experimentation 

      Kerr, William Robert; Nanda, Ramana; Rhodes-Kropf, Matthew (American Economic Association, 2014)
      Entrepreneurship research is on the rise, but many questions about its fundamental nature still exist. We argue that entrepreneurship is about experimentation: the probabilities of success are low, extremely skewed, and ...
    • Financing Innovation 

      Kerr, William Robert; Nanda, Ramana (2014-12-08)
      We review the recent literature on the financing of innovation, inclusive of large companies and new startups. This research strand has been very active over the past five years, generating important new findings, questioning ...
    • Financing Risk and Innovation 

      Nanda, Ramana; Rhodes-Kropf, Matthew (Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS), 2017)
      We provide a model of investment into new ventures that demonstrates why some places, times, and industries should be associated with a greater degree of experimentation by investors. Investors respond to financing risk―a ...