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    • Art in the Advancement of Understanding 

      Elgin, Catherine (2002)
      Cognitive progress often involves reconfiguring a domain, bringing previously unrecognized likenesses, differences, patterns and discrepancies to light. I argue that the arts effect such reconfigurations, enabling us to ...
    • The Baby and the Bath Water: Improving Metaphors and Analogies in High School Biology Texts 

      Shors, Luke (2017-02-10)
      This dissertation is concerned with understanding how metaphors and analogies function in biology education and whether some of the philosophical critiques of the language used in the field of biology — and in particular ...
    • Free Thinking 

      Croft, James (2016-02-19)
      In this dissertation I offer a justification of the claim that the development of those faculties necessary for autonomy should be a primary goal of public education, available to all children. To do this I 1) place autonomy ...
    • Keeping things in perspective 

      Elgin, Catherine Z. (Elgin, Catherine Z. 2010. Keeping things in perspective. Philosophical Studies 150, no. 3: 439-447., 2010)
      Scientific realism holds that scientific representations are utterly objective. They describe the way the world is, independent of any point of view. In Scientific Representation, van Fraassen argues otherwise. If science ...
    • Language, partial truth, and logic 

      Elgin, Catherine Z. (2011)
    • The Legacy of 'Two Dogmas' 

      Elgin, Catherine Z. (University of Illinois Press, 2011)
      W. V. Quine is famous, or perhaps infamous, for his repudiation of the analytic/synthetic distinction and kindred dualisms—the necessary/contingent dichotomy and the a priori/a posteriori dichotomy. As these dualisms have ...
    • School-Based Data Teams Ask the Darnedest Questions About Statistics: Three Essays in the Epistemology of Statistical Consulting and Teaching 

      Parker, Sean Stanley (2014-10-22)
      The essays in this thesis attempt to answer the most difficult questions that I have faced as a teacher and consultant for school-based data teams. When we report statistics to our fellow educators, what do we say and what ...
    • Tipping the Scales: Social Justice and Educational Measurement 

      Stein, Zachary (2014-10-22)
      In this work I address foundational concerns at the interface of educational measurement and social justice. Following John Rawls’s philosophical methods, I build and justify an ethical framework for guiding practices ...