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    • HIV-1 Subtype C-Infected Individuals Maintaining High Viral Load as Potential Targets for the “Test-and-Treat” Approach to Reduce HIV Transmission 

      Baum, Marianna; Thior, Ibou; Asmelash, Aida; Campa, Adriana; van Widenfelt, Erik; Mine, Madisa; Moffat, Claire; Mmalane, Mompati; Gilbert, Peter; Novitsky, Vladimir A.; Wang, Rui; Bussmann, Hermann; Lockman, Shahin; Shapiro, Roger L.; Wester, Carolyn Negley; Wester, C William; Ogwu, Anthony; Musonda, Rosemary Mubanga; Moyo, Sikhulile; Makhema, Joseph Moeketsi; Marlink, Richard George; Seage, George R.; De Gruttola, Victor Gerard; Essex, Myron Elmer (Public Library of Science, 2010)
      The first aim of the study is to assess the distribution of HIV-1 RNA levels in subtype C infection. Among 4,348 drug-naïve HIV-positive individuals participating in clinical studies in Botswana, the median baseline plasma ...
    • Response to Antiretroviral Therapy after a Single, Peripartum Dose of Nevirapine 

      Lockman, Shahin; Shapiro, Roger L.; Smeaton, Laura Marie; Wester, Carolyn; Thior, Ibou; Stevens, Lisa; Chand, Fatima; Makhema, Joseph Moeketsi; Moffat, Claire; Asmelash, Aida; Ndase, Patrick; van Widenfelt, Peter Arimim Eri; Mazhani, Loeto; Novitsky, Vladimir A.; Lagakos, Stephen; Essex, Myron Elmer (New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM/MMS), 2007)
      BACKGROUND: A single dose of nevirapine during labor reduces perinatal transmission of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) but often leads to viral nevirapine resistance mutations in mothers and infants. METHODS: ...