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    • Discovering Communities through Friendship 

      Morrison, Gregory C.; Mahadevan, Lakshminarayanan (Public Library of Science, 2012)
      We introduce a new method for detecting communities of arbitrary size in an undirected weighted network. Our approach is based on tracing the path of closest‐friendship between nodes in the network using the recently ...
    • Robust Error Correction in Infofuses 

      Morrison, Greg; Thomas, Sam W.; LaFratta, Christopher N.; Guo, Jian; Palacios, Manuel A.; Sonkusale, Sameer; Walt, David R.; Whitesides, George M.; Mahadevan, Lakshminarayanan (The Royal Society, 2012)
      An infofuse is a combustible fuse in which information is encoded through the patterning of metallic salts, with transmission in the optical range simply associated with burning. The constraints, advantages and unique error ...