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    • Assessing Development Assistance for Mental Health in Developing Countries: 2007–2013 

      Gilbert, Barnabas J.; Patel, Vikram; Farmer, Paul E.; Lu, Chunling (Public Library of Science, 2015)
      Chunling Lu and colleagues investigate how international aid spent on mental health projects has changed between 2007 and 2013.
    • Assessing Early Access to Care and Child Survival during a Health System Strengthening Intervention in Mali: A Repeated Cross Sectional Survey 

      Johnson, Ari D.; Thomson, Dana R.; Atwood, Sidney; Alley, Ian; Beckerman, Jessica L.; Koné, Ichiaka; Diakité, Djoumé; Diallo, Hamed; Traoré, Boubacar; Traoré, Klenon; Farmer, Paul E.; Murray, Megan; Mukherjee, Joia (Public Library of Science, 2013)
      Background: In 2012, 6.6 million children under age five died worldwide, most from diseases with known means of prevention and treatment. A delivery gap persists between well-validated methods for child survival and ...
    • Biosocial Approaches to the 2013-2016 Ebola Pandemic 

      Richardson, Eugene T.; Bailor Barrie, Mohamed; Daniel Kelly, J.; Dibba, Yusupha; Koedoyoma, Songor; Farmer, Paul E. (Harvard University Press, 2016)
      Abstract Despite more than 25 documented outbreaks of Ebola since 1976, our understanding of the disease is limited, in particular the social, political, ecological, and economic forces that promote (or limit) its spread. ...
    • The Cancer War(d): Onco-Nationhood in Post-Traumatic Rwanda 

      Djordjevic, Darja (2016-05-20)
      In Africa, the effects of the HIV/AIDS pandemic, rapidly expanding industrial and extractive economies, uncontrolled economic growth, environmental and lifestyle changes, and the rising age of populations with better access ...
    • Cholera in Haiti: The Equity Agenda and the Future of Tropical Medicine 

      Farmer, Paul Edward; Ivers, Louise C. (The American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, 2012)
    • Community-Based ART Programs: Sustaining Adherence and Follow-up 

      Mukherjee, Joia S.; Barry, Danika; Weatherford, Robert D.; Desai, Ishaan K.; Farmer, Paul E. (Springer US, 2016)
      The advent of antiretroviral therapy (ART) in 1996 brought with it an urgent need to develop models of health care delivery that could enable its effective and equitable delivery, especially to patients living in poverty. ...
    • Comprehensive and integrated district health systems strengthening: the Rwanda Population Health Implementation and Training (PHIT) Partnership 

      Drobac, Peter C; Basinga, Paulin; Condo, Jeanine; Farmer, Paul E; Finnegan, Karen E; Hamon, Jessie K; Amoroso, Cheryl; Hirschhorn, Lisa R; Kakoma, Jean Baptise; Lu, Chunling; Murangwa, Yusuf; Murray, Megan; Ngabo, Fidele; Rich, Michael; Thomson, Dana; Binagwaho, Agnes (BioMed Central, 2013)
      Background: Nationally, health in Rwanda has been improving since 2000, with considerable improvement since 2005. Despite improvements, rural areas continue to lag behind urban sectors with regard to key health outcomes. ...
    • Haiti’s progress in achieving its 10-year plan to eliminate cholera: hidden sickness cannot be cured 

      Koski-Karell, Victoria; Farmer, Paul E; Isaac, Benito; Campa, Elizabeth M; Viaud, Loune; Namphy, Paul C; Ternier, Ralph; Ivers, Louise C (Dove Medical Press, 2016)
      Since the beginning of the cholera epidemic in Haiti 5 years ago, the prevalence of this deadly water-borne disease has fallen far below the initial rates registered during its explosive outset. However, cholera continues ...
    • Improving health outcomes through concurrent HIV program scale-up and health system development in Rwanda: 20 years of experience 

      Nsanzimana, Sabin; Prabhu, Krishna; McDermott, Haley; Karita, Etienne; Forrest, Jamie I.; Drobac, Peter; Farmer, Paul; Mills, Edward J.; Binagwaho, Agnes (BioMed Central, 2015)
      The 1994 genocide against the Tutsi destroyed the health system in Rwanda. It is impressive that a small country like Rwanda has advanced its health system to the point of now offering near universal health insurance ...
    • Improving Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV Care and Related Services in Eastern Rwanda 

      Lim, Younsook; Kim, Jim Yong; Niyonzima, Jean Bosco; Smith Fawzi, Mary C.; Gahire, Rose; Mukaminega, Martha; Getchell, Marya; Peterson, Curtis W.; Binagwaho, Agnès; Rich, Michael Leonard; Stulac, Sara Nicole; Farmer, Paul Edward (Public Library of Science, 2010)
      Younsook Lim and colleagues describe the Rwanda Learning Collaborative on Child Health, which aimed to improve and extend the impact of prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV/AIDS.
    • Integrated care as a means to improve primary care delivery for adults and adolescents in the developing world: a critical analysis of Integrated Management of Adolescent and Adult Illness (IMAI) 

      Vasan, Ashwin; Ellner, Andrew; Lawn, Stephen D; Gove, Sandy; Anatole, Manzi; Gupta, Neil; Drobac, Peter; Nicholson, Tom; Seung, Kwonjune; Mabey, David C; Farmer, Paul E (BioMed Central, 2014)
      Background: More than three decades after the 1978 Declaration of Alma-Ata enshrined the goal of ‘health for all’, high-quality primary care services remain undelivered to the great majority of the world’s poor. This failure ...
    • Maximizing the Impact of Training Initiatives for Health Professionals in Low-Income Countries: Frameworks, Challenges, and Best Practices 

      Cancedda, Corrado; Farmer, Paul E.; Kerry, Vanessa; Nuthulaganti, Tej; Scott, Kirstin W.; Goosby, Eric; Binagwaho, Agnes (Public Library of Science, 2015)
      Corrado Cancedda and colleagues outline a framework for health professional training initiatives in low-income countries.
    • Minimally Symptomatic Infection in an Ebola ‘Hotspot’: A Cross-Sectional Serosurvey 

      Richardson, Eugene T.; Kelly, J. Daniel; Barrie, Mohamed Bailor; Mesman, Annelies W.; Karku, Sahr; Quiwa, Komba; Marsh, Regan H.; Koedoyoma, Songor; Daboh, Fodei; Barron, Kathryn P.; Grady, Michael; Tucker, Elizabeth; Dierberg, Kerry L.; Rutherford, George W.; Barry, Michele; Jones, James Holland; Murray, Megan B.; Farmer, Paul E. (Public Library of Science, 2016)
      Introduction: Evidence for minimally symptomatic Ebola virus (EBOV) infection is limited. During the 2013–16 outbreak in West Africa, it was not considered epidemiologically relevant to published models or projections of ...
    • Motivations and Constraints to Family Planning: A Qualitative Study in Rwanda’s Southern Kayonza District 

      Farmer, Didi Bertrand; Berman, Leslie; Ryan, Grace; Habumugisha, Lameck; Basinga, Paulin; Nutt, Cameron; Kamali, Francois; Ngizwenayo, Elias; Fleur, Jacklin St; Niyigena, Peter; Ngabo, Fidele; Farmer, Paul E; Rich, Michael L (Global Health: Science and Practice, 2015)
      Background: While Rwanda has achieved impressive gains in contraceptive coverage, unmet need for family planning is high, and barriers to accessing quality reproductive health services remain. Few studies in Rwanda have ...
    • Obstructed Labor and Caesarean Delivery: The Cost and Benefit of Surgical Intervention 

      Alkire, Blake Christian; Vincent, Jeffrey R.; Burns, Christy Turlington; Metzler, Ian Scott; Farmer, Paul Edward; Meara, John Gerard (Public Library of Science, 2012)
      Background: Although advances in the reduction of maternal mortality have been made, up to 273,000 women will die this year from obstetric etiologies. Obstructed labor (OL), most commonly treated with Caesarean delivery, ...
    • Peritoneal Tuberculosis in a Pregnant Woman from Haiti, United States 

      Ard, Kevin Lee; Chan, Brian Tan; Milner, Danny Arnold; Farmer, Paul Edward; Koenig, Serena Patricia (U.S. National Center for Infectious Diseases, 2013)
    • Poverty, Disease, and the Ecology of Complex Systems 

      Ngonghala, Calistus N.; Pluciński, Mateusz M.; Murray, Megan B.; Farmer, Paul E.; Barrett, Christopher B.; Keenan, Donald C.; Bonds, Matthew H. (Public Library of Science, 2014)
      Understanding why some human populations remain persistently poor remains a significant challenge for both the social and natural sciences. The extremely poor are generally reliant on their immediate natural resource base ...
    • Shared learning in an interconnected world: innovations to advance global health equity 

      Binagwaho, Agnes; Nutt, Cameron T; Mutabazi, Vincent; Karema, Corine; Nsanzimana, Sabin; Gasana, Michel; Drobac, Peter C; Rich, Michael L; Uwaliraye, Parfait; Nyemazi, Jean Pierre; Murphy, Michael R; Wagner, Claire M; Makaka, Andrew; Ruton, Hinda; Mody, Gita N; Zurovcik, Danielle R; Niconchuk, Jonathan A; Mugeni, Cathy; Ngabo, Fidele; Ngirabega, Jean de Dieu; Asiimwe, Anita; Farmer, Paul E (BioMed Central, 2013)
      The notion of “reverse innovation”--that some insights from low-income countries might offer transferable lessons for wealthier contexts--is increasingly common in the global health and business strategy literature. Yet ...
    • Social Inequalities and Emerging Infectious Diseases 

      Farmer, Paul Edward (Centers for Disease Control, 1996)
      Although many who study emerging infections subscribe to social-production-of-disease theories, few have examined the contribution of social inequalities to disease emergence. Yet such inequalities have powerfully sculpted ...
    • Strengthening Health Systems While Responding to a Health Crisis: Lessons Learned by a Nongovernmental Organization During the Ebola Virus Disease Epidemic in Sierra Leone 

      Cancedda, Corrado; Davis, Sheila M.; Dierberg, Kerry L.; Lascher, Jonathan; Kelly, J. Daniel; Barrie, Mohammed Bailor; Koroma, Alimamy Philip; George, Peter; Kamara, Adikali Alpha; Marsh, Ronald; Sumbuya, Manso S.; Nutt, Cameron T.; Scott, Kirstin W.; Thomas, Edgar; Bollbach, Katherine; Sesay, Andrew; Barrie, Ahmidu; Barrera, Elizabeth; Barron, Kathryn; Welch, John; Bhadelia, Nahid; Frankfurter, Raphael G.; Dahl, Ophelia M.; Das, Sarthak; Rollins, Rebecca E.; Eustis, Bryan; Schwartz, Amanda; Pertile, Piero; Pavlopoulos, Ilias; Mayfield, Allan; Marsh, Regan H.; Dibba, Yusupha; Kloepper, Danielle; Hall, Andrew; Huster, Karin; Grady, Michael; Spray, Kimberly; Walton, David A.; Daboh, Fodei; Nally, Cora; James, Sahr; Warren, Gabriel S.; Chang, Joyce; Drasher, Michael; Lamin, Gina; Bangura, Sherry; Miller, Ann C.; Michaelis, Annie P.; McBain, Ryan; Broadhurst, M. Jana; Murray, Megan; Richardson, Eugene T.; Philip, Ted; Gottlieb, Gary L.; Mukherjee, Joia S.; Farmer, Paul E. (Oxford University Press, 2016)
      An epidemic of Ebola virus disease (EVD) beginning in 2013 has claimed an estimated 11 310 lives in West Africa. As the EVD epidemic subsides, it is important for all who participated in the emergency Ebola response to ...