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    • The Archives of Universal History 

      Rothschild, Emma (University of Hawai'i Press, 2008)
      This article looks at early proposals for an international archive, at the different respects in which archives are international or transnational, and at the development since 1946 of the archives of international ...
    • Choiseul and the History of France 

      Rothschild, Emma (Alice Trust, 2009)
    • Economic History and Nationalism 

      Rothschild, Emma (Project Muse, 2021-02-06)
      In “Economic Theory and Nationalism,” written in 1934, the economist Frank Knight identified two tendencies—one towards gross inequality and the other towards new techniques of influence—that appeared to be leading to ...
    • Histories of family health 

      Rothschild, Emma (Elsevier BV, 2014)
    • Isolation and Economic Life in Eighteenth-Century France 

      Rothschild, Emma (Oxford University Press (OUP), 2014)
    • Maintaining (Environmental) Capital Intact 

      Rothschild, Emma (Cambridge University Press (CUP), 2011)
      The idea of sustainability is an odd composite of imagination and accounting. Environmental history is a permissive historical subdiscipline, and this essay is about the environmental–economic–intellectual history of an ...
    • Nationalism Revisited and the State 

      Rothschild, Emma (Project MUSE, 2023-06)
      The paper examines the political and economic circumstances in which Frank Knight wrote "Economic Theory and Nationalism" in 1934–1935 and the changing politics of state power in relation to economic life. It points to new ...
    • A (New) Economic History of the American Revolution? 

      Rothschild, Emma (MIT Press - Journals, 2018-03)
      The article suggests that The Ideological Origins of the American Revolution can be the point of departure for a new economic history that combines the history of economic thought, economic-cultural history, especially of ...
    • Slavery and the Economic Lives of Women 

      Rothschild, Emma (Project MUSE, 2023-03)
    • Smith at 300: Useless Companies 

      Rothschild, Emma (Cambridge University Press (CUP), 2023-02-28)
      The central drama of the Wealth of Nations is the reciprocal influence of states and markets. It is played out in Smith's denunciations of regulated companies.
    • The Theory of Moral Sentiments and the Inner Life 

      Rothschild, Emma (Routledge, 2010)
    • Values, Classical Political Economy, and the Portuguese Empire 

      Rothschild, Emma (Taylor & Francis, 2012)
      The article explores early criticisms of Adam Smith, with particular reference to long-distance commerce, the Portuguese empire, and the writings of William Julius Mickle. The changing relationship between merchants and ...
    • Wartime in the history of economic thought: episodes in European history 

      Rothschild, Emma (Informa UK Limited, 2023-10-13)
      The paper is concerned with war in the history of economic thought. It looks at disputes about abstraction versus historicism over the long 19th century, in relation to war and the state. It then looks at the historical ...
    • What is Security? 

      Rothschild, Emma (American Academy of Arts & Sciences, 1995)
    • Where is Capital? 

      Rothschild, Emma (Project Muse, 2021-07-20)
      The article engages recent literature on microeconomics and intermediate goods in order to outline new models of growth in economic history and the possibility of productive exchanges between economists and historians. It ...