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    • Liquid-based gating mechanism with tunable multiphase selectivity and antifouling behaviour 

      Hou, Xu; Hu, Yuhang; Grinthal, Alison Elizabeth; Khan, Mughees; Aizenberg, Joanna (Nature Publishing Group, 2015)
      Living organisms make extensive use of micro- and nanometre-sized pores as gatekeepers for controlling the movement of fluids, vapours and solids between complex environments. The ability of such pores to coordinate ...
    • Stability of Surface-Immobilized Lubricant Interfaces under Flow 

      Howell, Caitlin; Vu, Thy L.; Johnson, Christopher; Hou, Xu; Ahanotu, Onyemaechi; Alvarenga, Jack; Leslie, Daniel; Uzun, Oktay; Waterhouse, Anna; Kim, Philseok; Super, Michael; Aizenberg, Michael; Ingber, Donald Elliot; Aizenberg, Joanna (American Chemical Society (ACS), 2015)
      The stability and longevity of surface-stabilized lubricant layers is a critical question in their application as low- and nonfouling slippery surface treatments in both industry and medicine. Here, we investigate lubricant ...