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    • Angiotensin II Induced Cardiac Dysfunction on a Chip 

      Horton, Renita E.; Yadid, Moran; McCain, Megan L.; Sheehy, Sean P.; Pasqualini, Francesco S.; Park, Sung-Jin; Cho, Alexander; Campbell, Patrick; Parker, Kevin Kit (Public Library of Science, 2016)
      In vitro disease models offer the ability to study specific systemic features in isolation to better understand underlying mechanisms that lead to dysfunction. Here, we present a cardiac dysfunction model using angiotensin ...
    • Coupling primary and stem cell–derived cardiomyocytes in an in vitro model of cardiac cell therapy 

      Aratyn-Schaus, Yvonne; Pasqualini, Francesco S.; Yuan, Hongyan; McCain, Megan L.; Ye, George J.C.; Sheehy, Sean P.; Campbell, Patrick H.; Parker, Kevin Kit (The Rockefeller University Press, 2016)
      The efficacy of cardiac cell therapy depends on the integration of existing and newly formed cardiomyocytes. Here, we developed a minimal in vitro model of this interface by engineering two cell microtissues (μtissues) ...
    • Three-Dimensional Paper-Based Model for Cardiac Ischemia 

      Mosadegh, Bobak; Dabiri, Borna; Lockett, Matthew; Derda, Ratmir; Campbell, Patrick Healy; Parker, Kevin Kit; Whitesides, George McClelland (Wiley-Blackwell, 2014)
      In vitro models of ischemia have not historically recapitulated the cellular interactions and gradients of molecules that occur in a 3D tissue. This work demonstrates a paper-based 3D culture system that mimics some of the ...