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    • High-Throughput Single-Cell Labeling (Hi-SCL) for RNA-Seq Using Drop-Based Microfluidics 

      Rotem, Assaf; Ram, Oren; Shoresh, Noam; Sperling, Ralph A.; Schnall-Levin, Michael; Zhang, Huidan; Basu, Anindita; Bernstein, Bradley E.; Weitz, David A. (Public Library of Science, 2015)
      The importance of single-cell level data is increasingly appreciated, and significant advances in this direction have been made in recent years. Common to these technologies is the need to physically segregate individual ...
    • Locus-specific editing of histone modifications at endogenous enhancers using programmable TALE-LSD1 fusions 

      Mendenhall, Eric M.; Williamson, Kaylyn E.; Reyon, Deepak; Zou, James Y.; Ram, Oren; Joung, J. Keith; Bernstein, Bradley E. (2013)
      Mammalian gene regulation is dependent on tissue-specific enhancers that can act across large distances to influence transcriptional activity1-3. Mapping experiments have identified hundreds of thousands of putative enhancers ...
    • Overlapping Splicing Regulatory Motifs—Combinatorial Effects on Splicing 

      Goren, Amir; Kim, Eddo; Amit, Maayan; Vaknin, Keren; Kfir, Nir; Ram, Oren; Ast, Gil (Oxford University Press, 2010)
      Regulation of splicing in eukaryotes occurs through the coordinated action of multiple splicing factors. Exons and introns contain numerous putative binding sites for splicing regulatory proteins. Regulation of splicing ...