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    • Long-term Benefit of PD-L1 Blockade in Lung Cancer Associated with JAK3 Activation 

      Van Allen, Eliezer Mendel; Golay, H. G.; Liu, Yan; Koyama, S.; Wong, Kwok-Kin; Taylor-Weiner, Amaro; Giannakis, Marios; Harden, M.; Rojas-Rudilla, V.; Chevalier, A.; Thai, T.; Lydon, C.; Mach, S.; Wong, J. A.; Rabin, A. R.; Helmkamp, J.; Sholl, Lynette Marie; Carter, Scott Lambert; Oxnard, Geoffrey Raymond; Janne, Pasi Antero; Getz, Gad A; Lindeman, Neal I.; Hammerman, Peter Seth; Garraway, Levi Alexander; Hodi, Frank Stephen; Rodig, Scott J.; Dranoff, G; Wong, Kwok-Kin; Barbie, David Allen (American Association for Cancer Research (AACR), 2015)
      PD-1 immune checkpoint blockade occasionally results in durable clinical responses in advanced metastatic cancers. However, mechanism-based predictors of response to this immunotherapy remain incompletely characterized. ...
    • Recurrent hormone-binding domain truncated ESR1 amplifications in primary endometrial cancers suggest their implication in hormone independent growth 

      Holst, Frederik; Hoivik, Erling A.; Gibson, William J.; Taylor-Weiner, Amaro; Schumacher, Steven E.; Asmann, Yan W.; Grossmann, Patrick; Trovik, Jone; Necela, Brian M.; Thompson, E. Aubrey; Meyerson, Matthew; Beroukhim, Rameen; Salvesen, Helga B.; Cherniack, Andrew D. (Nature Publishing Group, 2016)
      The estrogen receptor alpha (ERα) is highly expressed in both endometrial and breast cancers, and represents the most prevalent therapeutic target in breast cancer. However, anti-estrogen therapy has not been shown to be ...
    • Sporadic hemangioblastomas are characterized by cryptic VHL inactivation 

      Shankar, Ganesh Mani; Taylor-Weiner, Amaro; Lelic, Nina; Jones, Robert T; Kim, James C; Francis, Joshua M; Abedalthagafi, Malak S; Borges, Lawrence Francis; Coumans, Jean-Valery C E; Curry, William Thomas; Nahed, Brian Vala; Shin, John H; Paek, Sun Ha; Park, Sung-Hye; Stewart, Chip; Lawrence, Michael S; Cibulskis, Kristian; Thorner, Aaron R; Van Hummelen, Paul; Stemmer-Rachamimov, Anat; Batchelor, Tracy Todd; Carter, Scott Lambert; Hoang, Mai P; Santagata, Sandro; Louis, David N.; Barker, Frederick George; Meyerson, Matthew Langer; Getz, Gad A; Brastianos, Priscilla Kalliope; Cahill, Daniel P. (Springer Nature, 2014)
      Hemangioblastomas consist of 10-20% neoplastic “stromal” cells within a vascular tumor cell mass of reactive pericytes, endothelium and lymphocytes. Familial cases of central nervous system hemangioblastoma uniformly result ...