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    • Adherence adjustment in the Coronary Drug Project: A call for better per-protocol effect estimates in randomized trials 

      Murray, Eleanor Jane; Hernan, Miguel Angel (SAGE Publications, 2016)
      BACKGROUND: In many randomized controlled trials, patients and doctors are more interested in the per-protocol effect than in the intention-to-treat effect. However, valid estimation of the per-protocol effect generally ...
    • Agent-Based Models for Causal Inference 

      Murray, Eleanor Jane (2016-05-03)
      Sound clinical decision making requires evidence-based estimates of the impact of different treatment strategies. In the absence of randomized trials, two potential approaches are agent-based models (ABMs) and the parametric ...
    • Using Observational Data to Calibrate Simulation Models 

      Murray, Eleanor Jane; Robins, James M.; Seage, George R.; Lodi, Sara; Hyle, Emily Parker; Reddy, Krishna Podditur; Freedberg, Kenneth Alan; Hernan, Miguel Angel (SAGE Publications, 2017)
      BACKGROUND: Individual-level simulation models are valuable tools for comparing the impact of clinical or public health interventions on population health and cost outcomes over time. However, a key challenge is ensuring ...