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    • Biomarkers of Sarcopenia in Clinical Trials—Recommendations from the International Working Group on Sarcopenia 

      Cesari, Matteo; Pahor, Marco; Goodpaster, Bret; Hellerstein, Marc; Van Kan, Gabor A.; Anker, Stefan D.; Vrijbloed, J. Willem; Isaac, Maria; Rolland, Yves; M’Rini, Christine; Aubertin-Leheudre, Mylène; Cedarbaum, Jesse M.; Zamboni, Mauro; Sieber, Cornell C.; Laurent, Didier; Evans, William J.; Roubenoff, Ronenn; Morley, John E.; Vellas, Bruno; Fielding, Roger Arthur; Rutkove, Seward Brian (Springer-Verlag, 2012)
      Sarcopenia, the age-related skeletal muscle decline, is associated with relevant clinical and socioeconomic negative outcomes in older persons. The study of this phenomenon and the development of preventive/therapeutic ...