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    • Changes in antigen-specific T cell number and function during oral desensitization in cow’s milk allergy enabled with omalizumab 

      Bedoret, Denis; Singh, A K; Shaw, V; Hoyte, E G; Hamilton, R; DeKruyff, Rosemarie H.; Schneider, Lynda C.; Nadeau, K C; Umetsu, Dale T. (2012)
      Food allergy is a major public health problem for which there is no effective treatment. We examined the immunological changes that occurred in a group of children with significant cow’s milk allergy undergoing a novel and ...
    • DOCK8 Functions as an Adaptor that Links TLR–MyD88 Signaling to B Cell Activation 

      Rauter, Ingrid; Recher, Mike; Wakim, Rima; Dbaibo, Ghassan; Dasouki, Majed; Barlan, Isil; Baris, Safa; Kutukculer, Necil; Ochs, Hans; Plebani, Alessandro; Kanariou, Maria; Lefranc, Gerard; Reisli, Ismail; Fitzgerald, Katerine; Golenbock, Douglas; Keles, Sevgi; Ceja, Reuben; Jabara, Haifa Halim; McDonald, Douglas Ray; Janssen, Erin Margaret; Massaad, Michel; Ramesh, Narayanaswamy; Borzutzky, Arturo; Benson, Halli Louise; Schneider, Lynda C.; Baxi, Sachin; Notarangelo, Luigi D.; Al-Herz, Waleed; Manis, John P.; Chatila, Talal Amine; Geha, Raif Salim (Nature Publishing Group, 2012)
      DOCK8 and MyD88 have been implicated in serologic memory. Here we report antibody responses were impaired and \(CD27^+\) memory B cells were severely reduced in DOCK8-deficient patients. Toll-like receptor 9 (TLR9)- but ...
    • Oral immunotherapy and anti-IgE antibody treatment for food allergy 

      Umetsu, Dale T.; Rachid, Rima; Schneider, Lynda C. (BioMed Central, 2015)
      Food allergy is a major public health problem affecting nearly 10 % of children in most industrialized countries. Unfortunately, there are no effective therapies for food allergy, relegating patients to simply avoid the ...