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    • Melting Lizards and Crying Mailboxes: Children's Preferential Recall of Minimally Counterintuitive Concepts 

      Banerjee, Konika; Haque, Omar Sultan; Spelke, Elizabeth S. (Wiley-Blackwell, 2013)
      Previous research with adults suggests that a catalog of minimally counterintuitive concepts, which underlies supernatural or religious concepts, may constitute a cognitive optimum and is therefore cognitively encoded and ...
    • The psychology of coordination and common knowledge. 

      Thomas, Kyle Andrew; DeScioli, Peter; Haque, Omar Sultan; Pinker, Steven (American Psychological Association (APA), 2014)
      Research on human cooperation has concentrated on the puzzle of altruism, in which one actor incurs a cost to benefit another, and the psychology of reciprocity, which evolved to solve this problem. We examine the complementary ...