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    • Mannose-Binding Lectin Binds to Amyloid \(\beta\) Protein and Modulates Inflammation 

      Larvie, Mykol; Shoup, Timothy M.; Chang, Wei-Chuan; Chigweshe, Lorencia; Hartshorn, Kevan; White, Mitchell R.; Stahl, Gregory L.; Elmaleh, David Raphael; Takahashi, Kazue (Hindawi Publishing Corporation, 2012)
      Mannose-binding lectin (MBL), a soluble factor of the innate immune system, is a pattern recognition molecule with a number of known ligands, including viruses, bacteria, and molecules from abnormal self tissues. In addition ...
    • The Massachusetts General Hospital Acute Stroke Imaging Algorithm: An Experience and Evidence Based Approach 

      Gonzalez, Ramon Gilberto; Copen, William Alan; Schaefer, Pamela Whitney; Lev, Michael Howard; Pomerantz, Stuart R.; Rapalino, Otto; Chen, John Wen-Yueh; Hunter, George; Romero, Javier M.; Buchbinder, Bradley R.; Larvie, Mykol; Hirsch, Joshua A.; Gupta, Rajiv (BMJ Publishing Group, 2013)
      The Massachusetts General Hospital Neuroradiology Division employed an experience and evidence based approach to develop a neuroimaging algorithm to best select patients with severe ischemic strokes caused by anterior ...
    • Optimal Brain MRI Protocol for New Neurological Complaint 

      Mehan, William A.; González, R. Gilberto; Buchbinder, Bradley R.; Chen, John W.; Copen, William A.; Gupta, Rajiv; Hirsch, Joshua A.; Hunter, George J.; Hunter, Scott; Johnson, Jason M.; Kelly, Hillary R.; Larvie, Mykol; Lev, Michael H.; Pomerantz, Stuart R.; Rapalino, Otto; Rincon, Sandra; Romero, Javier M.; Schaefer, Pamela W.; Shah, Vinil (Public Library of Science, 2014)
      Background/Purpose Patients with neurologic complaints are imaged with MRI protocols that may include many pulse sequences. It has not been documented which sequences are essential. We assessed the diagnostic accuracy of ...
    • Quantitative Analysis of Metabolic Abnormality Associated with Brain Developmental Venous Anomalies 

      Timerman, Dmitriy; Thum, Jasmine A; Larvie, Mykol (Cureus, 2016)
      Background and Purpose: Abnormal hypometabolism is common in the brain parenchyma surrounding developmental venous anomalies (DVAs), although the degree of DVA-associated hypometabolism (DVAAh) has not been quantitatively ...
    • Teaching NeuroImages: Apathetic variant of frontotemporal dementia 

      Perez, D. L.; Larvie, Mykol; Acar, Diler; Daffner, Kirk R. (Ovid Technologies (Wolters Kluwer Health), 2011)