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    • Optimal Model-Order for a Moon Phases Lab with Virtual and Physical Components 

      Udomprasert, Patricia S; Goodman, Alyssa; Sadler, Philip M.; Johnson, E.; Lotridge, E; Jackson, J; Constantin, A; Zhang, Z.H.; Sundury, S.; Wang, Q; Dussault, M.; Trouille, L (American Educational Research Association, 2015)
    • Visualizing Moon Phases with WorldWide Telescope 

      Udomprasert, Patricia S; Goodman, Alyssa; Sunbury, Susan; Zhang, Zhihui Helen; Sadler, Philip M.; Dussault, Mary; Block, Sarah; Lotridge, Erin; Jackson, Jonathan; Constantin, Ana-Maria (Astronomical Society of the Pacific, 2014)
      We report preliminary results from an NSF-funded project to build, test, and research the impact of a WorldWide Telescope Visualization Lab (WWT Vizlab), meant to offer learners a deeper physical understanding of the causes ...