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    • Arts of Noise: Sound and Media in Milan ca. 1900 

      Williams, Gavin (2013-10-15)
      This dissertation explores the place of sound, noise and silence in Milan at the turn of the twentieth century. By focusing on this particular urban environment, it aims to investigate the notion of sonic modernity through ...
    • Brauchen wir eine Ökomusikwissenschaft? 

      Rehding, Alexander (Franz Steiner Verlag Wiesbaden GmbH, 2012)
      While ecomusicology is clearly a growth area in musicology, its mission and purview are not entirely clear. This article explores the complex relationship between ecology and musicology: ecocriticism in literary and visual ...
    • Die ägyptische Spieldose 

      Rehding, Alexander (Hildesheim: Georg Olms Verlag, 2012)
    • Die Zeit der Musikalischen Monumente 

      Rehding, Alexander (Laaber: Laaber-Verlag, 2013)
    • The Discovery of Slowness in Music 

      Rehding, Alexander (Fordham University Press, 2015)
    • Discrete/Continuous: Music and Media Theory after Kittler 

      Rehding, Alexander; Kreuzer, Gundula; McMurray, Peter; Krämer, Sybille; Moseley, Roger (University of California Press, 2017-04-01)
      At first blush, the pair discrete/continuous seems to take us far from the concerns of musicology and place us firmly in the realm of statistics, data analysis, and number crunching. Put graphically, “discrete data” ...
    • Dualistic Forms 

      Rehding, Alexander (Oxford University Press, 2011)
      This article explores some of the consequences of Riemann's harmonic dualism that were not pursued by Riemann himself. The question of musical forms is one that Riemann intriguingly leaves unresolved—despite the fact that ...
    • Ecomusicology between Apocalypse and Nostalgia 

      Rehding, Alexander (University of California Press, 2011)
    • Editors' Introduction: Adorno, Music, Modernity 

      Gordon, Peter E.; Rehding, Alexander (Duke University Press, 2016)
      “As a temporal art,” Adorno observed, “music is bound to the fact of succession and is hence as irreversible as time itself. By starting it commits itself to carrying on, to becoming something new, to developing. What we ...
    • Giasone's Travels: Opera and Its Performance in the Seventeenth Century 

      Lin, Thomas Wen Tsen (2015-05-20)
      This dissertation presents an in-depth examination of Giacinto Andrea Cicognini and Francesco Cavalli’s Giasone (1649). Its premiere in Venice took the city by storm, generating such enthusiasm among opera audiences that ...
    • Idea and Image in Schoenberg's Moses und Aron 

      Rehding, Alexander; Gyger, Elliott (Oxford University Press, 2007)
    • Instruments of Music Theory 

      Rehding, Alexander (2016)
      This article explores musical instruments as a source for the historical study of music theory. The figure of Pythagoras, and his alleged penchant for the monochord, offers a way into this exploration of the theory-bearing ...
    • Les filles de l'Opéra in the Early Eighteenth Century 

      Rivera, Gina (2013-10-08)
      Celebrated or berated as scandalous presences on and off the operatic stage, the Parisian singers and dancers known as les filles de l’Opéra endured some of the most heated cultural critiques of the early eighteenth century. ...
    • Middlebrow Modernism: Britten's Operas and the Great Divide 

      Chowrimootoo, Christopher Craig (2013-10-18)
      This study examines the way Britten's operas and their audiences muddied the waters of the so-called "great divide" between modernism and mass culture, mediating between the aesthetics of difficulty and distinction on the ...
    • Moses' Beginning 

      Rehding, Alexander (Oxford University Press, 2007)
    • Music-Historical Egyptomania, 1650–1950 

      Rehding, Alexander (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2014)
      Starting with Athanasius Kircher in the seventeenth century, it became de rigueur for music histories to include a discussion of Ancient Egypt’s musical contribution. This is striking, considering that no notated sources ...
    • Neuroaesthetics and the Trouble with Beauty 

      Conway, Bevil R; Rehding, Alexander (Public Library of Science, 2013)
      Neuroscience is increasingly being called upon to address issues within the humanities. We discuss challenges that arise, relating to art and beauty, and provide ideas for a way forward.
    • Opening the Music Box 

      Rehding, Alexander (Cambridge University Press (CUP), 2019)
      An overview of recent trends in musicology to focus on musical instruments as technologies, with a group review of recent book publications in the field of critical organology.
    • Reading Tonality through Film: Transformational Hermeneutics and the Music of Hollywood 

      Lehman, Frank Martin (2013-02-14)
      Film musicology is growing at a heartening pace, but the discipline is still bereft of sustained contributions from music theory. The current study seizes the opportunity presented by the underanalyzed repertoire of film ...