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    • Comments on Michael Strevens's Depth 

      Hall, Edward J (Wiley-Blackwell, 2012)
    • Comments on Woodward, "Making Things Happen" 

      Hall, Edward J (Pubblicazioni della Stazione Zoologica di Napoli, 2006)
    • David Lewis's Metaphysics 

      Hall, Edward J (Stanford Universty, 2010)
    • The Large-Scale Joints of the World 

      Hall, Edward J (Edizioni ETS, 2011)
    • Laws and causation 

      Hall, Edward J (Continuum International Publishing Group, 2011)
    • Metaphysically Reductive Causation 

      Hall, Edward J; Paul, L. A. (Springer Science + Business Media, 2013)
      There are, by now, many rival, sophisticated philosophical accounts of causation that qualify as ‘metaphysically reductive’. A good thing: these collective efforts have vastly improved our understanding of causation over ...
    • No Metaphysics within Physics? 

      Miller, Elizabeth Louise (2014-06-06)
      This dissertation has three parts. In "Quantum Entanglement, Bohmian Mechanics, and Humean Supervenience," I defend David Lewis's metaphysical doctrine of Humean supervenience, and traditional metaphysical reductionism ...
    • Rational Reconstruction and the Construction of an Interlocutor 

      Prescott-Couch, Alexander (2015-09-18)
      There has been much recent work in philosophy of science on idealization – the way inaccurate representations can be used to understand a target system. My dissertation concerns a particular sort of idealization that is ...
    • Species, Humans, and Transformations 

      Lambert, Enoch (2015-08-21)
      Do biological species have essences? The debate over this question in philosophy of biology exhibits fundamental confusion both between and within authors. In What to Salvage from the Species Essentialism Debate, I argue ...
    • Structural Equations and Causation 

      Hall, Ned (Springer Verlag, 2007)
      Structural equations have become increasingly popular in recent years as tools for understanding causation. But standard structural equations approaches to causation face deep problems. The most philosophically interesting ...