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    • DCO+, DCN, and N2D+ Reveal Three Different Deuteration Regimes in the Disk Around the Herbig Ae Star HD 163296 

      Salinas, Victoria; Hogerheijde, M; Mathews, G; Oberg, Karin; Qi, C; Williams, J; Wilner, David (EDP Sciences, 2017-10-24)
      Context: Deuterium fractionation has been used to study the thermal history of pre-stellar environments. Their formation pathways trace different regions of the disk and may shed light into the disk’s physical structure, ...
    • Increased H2CO production in the outer disk around HD 163296 

      Carney, M; Hogerheijde, M; Loomis, R; Salinas, Victoria; Oberg, Karin; Qi, C; Wilner, David (EDP Sciences, 2017-09)
      Context: The gas and dust in circumstellar disks provide the raw materials to form planets. The study of organic molecules and their building blocks in such disks offers insight into the origin of the prebiotic environment ...