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    • Long-acting κ opioid antagonists nor-BNI, GNTI and JDTic: pharmacokinetics in mice and lipophilicity 

      Munro, Thomas A; Berry, Loren M; Carroll, F Ivy; Zhao, Zhiyang; Carlezon, William A.; Cohen, Bruce Michael; Van't Veer, Ashlee Victoria; Beguin, Cecile Andree (BioMed Central, 2012)
      Background: Nor-BNI, GNTI and JDTic induce κ opioid antagonism that is delayed by hours and can persist for months. Other effects are transient. It has been proposed that these drugs may be slowly absorbed or distributed, ...
    • Role of Kappa-Opioid Receptors in Stress-Induced Behaviors 

      Van't Veer, Ashlee Victoria (2013-10-08)
      The development of anxiety and mood disorders often coincides with exposure to stress. Accumulating evidence indicates that both corticotropin-releasing factor (CRF) and dynorphin, the endogenous ligand for the kappa-opioid ...
    • Selective κ Opioid Antagonists nor-BNI, GNTI and JDTic Have Low Affinities for Non-Opioid Receptors and Transporters 

      Munro, Thomas A.; Huang, Xi-Ping; Inglese, Carmela; Perrone, Maria Grazia; Van't Veer, Ashlee; Carroll, F. Ivy; Béguin, Cécile; Carlezon, William A.; Colabufo, Nicola A.; Cohen, Bruce M.; Roth, Bryan L. (Public Library of Science, 2013)
      Background: Nor-BNI, GNTI and JDTic induce selective κ opioid antagonism that is delayed and extremely prolonged, but some other effects are of rapid onset and brief duration. The transient effects of these compounds differ, ...