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    • Fermi Surfaces and Gauge-Gravity Duality 

      Huijse, Liza; Sachdev, Subir (American Physical Society, 2011)
      We give a unified overview of the zero temperature phases of compressible quantum matter: i.e. phases in which the expectation value of a globally conserved \(U(1)\) density, \(Q\), varies smoothly as a function of parameters. ...
    • Hidden Fermi Surfaces in Compressible States of Gauge-Gravity Duality 

      Huijse, Liza; Sachdev, Subir; Swingle, Brian (American Physical Society, 2012)
      General scaling arguments, and the behavior of the thermal entropy density, are shown to lead to an infrared metric holographically representing a compressible state with hidden Fermi surfaces. This metric is characterized ...