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    • Leukotriene B4-Driven Neutrophil Recruitment to the Skin Is Essential for Allergic Skin Inflammation 

      Oyoshi, Michiko K.; He, Rui; Li, Yitang; Mondal, Subhanjan; Yoon, Juhan; Afshar, Roshi; Chen, Mei; Lee, David M.; Luo, Hongbo; Luster, Andrew David; Cho, John S.; Miller, Lloyd S.; Larson, Allison; Murphy, George Francis; Geha, Raif Salim (Elsevier BV, 2012)
      Scratching triggers skin flares in atopic dermatitis. We demonstrate that scratching of human skin and tape stripping of mouse skin cause neutrophil influx. In mice, this influx was largely dependent on the generation of ...