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    • Coherence of an Optically Illuminated Single Nuclear Spin Qubit 

      Jiang, Liang; Dutt, M. V. Gurudev; Togan, Emre Ismail Cengiz; Childress, Lily; Cappellaro, Paola; Taylor, Jacob Mason; Lukin, Mikhail D. (American Physical Society, 2008)
      We investigate the coherence properties of individual nuclear spin quantum bits in diamond [Dutt et al., Science, 316, 1312 (2007)] when a proximal electronic spin associated with a nitrogen-vacancy (NV) center is being ...
    • Quantum entanglement between an optical photon and a solid-state spin qubit 

      Togan, E; Chu, Y.; Trifonov, Alexei; Jiang, L.; Maze, J.; Childress, Lilian I.; Dutt, M; Sørensen, A. S.; Hemmer, Philip; Zibrov, Alexander S; Lukin, Mikhail D. (Nature Publishing Group, 2010)
      Quantum entanglement is among the most fascinating aspects of quantum theory1. Entangled optical photons are now widely used for fundamental tests of quantum mechanics2 and applications such as quantum cryptography1. Several ...
    • Quantum Interference of Single Photons from Remote Nitrogen-Vacancy Centers in Diamond 

      Sipahigil, Alp; Goldman, Michael Lurie; Togan, E; Chu, Yiwen; Markham, M.; Twitchen, D. J.; Zibrov, Alexander S; Kubanek, Alexander; Lukin, Mikhail D. (American Physical Society (APS), 2012)
      We demonstrate quantum interference between indistinguishable photons emitted by two nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centers in distinct diamond samples separated by two meters. Macroscopic solid immersion lenses are used to enhance ...