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    • Activity Dependent Regulation of Inhibitory Circuitry 

      Sharma, Nikhil (2015-10-02)
      Inhibition controls information flow through a neural circuit by modulating synaptic integration, restricting action potentials, and coordinating the activity of ensembles of neurons. These functions are mediated by a ...
    • Bidirectional Perisomatic Inhibitory Plasticity of a Fos Neuronal Network 

      Yap, Ee-Lynn; Pettit, Noah L.; Davis, Christopher; Nagy, M. Aurel; Harmin, David; Golden, Emily; Dagliyan, Onur; Lin, Cindy; Rudolph, Stephanie; Sharma, Nikhil; Griffith, Eric C.; Harvey, Christopher D.; Greenberg, Michael (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2020-12-09)
      Behavioral experiences activate the Fos transcription factor (TF) in sparse populations of neurons that are critical for encoding and recalling specific events1-3. However, there is limited understanding of the mechanisms ...
    • A Chemical Genetic Approach Reveals Distinct Mechanisms of EphB Signaling During Brain Development 

      Soskis, Michael J.; Ho, Hsin-Yi Henry; Bloodgood, Brenda L.; Robichaux, Michael A.; Malik, Athar N.; Ataman, Bulent; Rubin, Alex A.; Zieg, Janine; Zhang, Chao; Shokat, Kevan M.; Sharma, Nikhil; Cowan, Christopher W.; Greenberg, Michael E. (2012)
      EphB receptor tyrosine kinases control multiple steps in nervous system development. However, it remains unclear whether EphBs regulate these different developmental processes directly or indirectly. In addition, as EphBs ...