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    • BCL11A Enhancer Dissection by Cas9-Mediated in Situ Saturating Mutagenesis 

      Canver, Matthew Charles; Smith, Elenoe; Pinello, Luca; Sanjana, Neville E.; Shalem, Ophir; Chen, Diane; Schupp, Patrick G.; Vinjamur, Divya S.; Garcia, Sara P.; Luc, Sidinh; Kurita, Ryo; Fujiwara, Yuko; Maeda, Takahiro; Yuan, Guo-Cheng; Zhang, Feng; Orkin, Stuart Holland; Bauer, Daniel Evan; Nakamura, Yukio (Nature, 2015-09-16)
    • Clinicopathologic Features and Long-term Outcomes of NUT Midline Carcinoma 

      Bauer, Daniel Evan; Mitchell, C. M.; Strait, K. M.; Lathan, Christopher Scott; Stelow, E. B.; Luer, S. C.; Muhammed, S.; Evans, A. G.; Sholl, Lynette Marie; Rosai, J.; Giraldi, E.; Oakley, R. P.; Rodriguez-Galindo, C; London, Wendy B; Sallan, Stephen Earl; Bradner, James Elliott; French, Christopher Alexander (American Association for Cancer Research (AACR), 2012)
      Purpose NUT midline carcinoma (NMC) is a poorly differentiated squamous cancer characterized by rearrangement of the NUT gene. Research advances have provided opportunities for targeted therapy in NMC, yet the clinical ...
    • Common variants in signaling transcription-factor-binding sites drive phenotypic variability in red blood cell traits 

      Choudhuri, Avik; Trompouki, Eirini; Abraham, Brian J.; Colli, Leandro M.; Kock, Kian Hong; Mallard, William; Yang, Min-Lee; Vinjamur, Divya S.; Ghamari, Alireza; Sporrij, Audrey; Hoi, Karen; Hummel, Barbara; Boatman, Sonja; Chan, Victoria; Tseng, Sierra; Nandakumar, Satish K.; Yang, Song; Lichtig, Asher; Superdock, Michael; Grimes, Seraj N.; Bowman, Teresa V.; Zhou, Yi; Takahashi, Shinichiro; Joehanes, Roby; Cantor, Alan; Bauer, Daniel; Ganesh, Santhi K.; Rinn, John; Albert, Paul S.; Bulyk, Martha; Chanock, Stephen J.; Young, Richard; Zon, Leonard (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2020-11-23)
      Genome-wide association studies (GWAS) reveal genomic variants associated with human traits and diseases. Most trait-associated variants are located within cell type-specific enhancers, but the molecular mechanism by which ...
    • The mTORC1/4E-BP pathway coordinates hemoglobin production with L-leucine availability 

      Chung, Jacky; Bauer, Daniel Evan; Ghamari, Alireza; Nizzi, C. P.; Deck, K. M.; Kingsley, P. D.; Yien, Yvette Yee; Huston, N. C.; Chen, C.; Schultz, I. J.; Dalton, Arthur J.; Wittig, Johannes; Palis, J.; Orkin, Stuart Holland; Lodish, H. F.; Eisenstein, R. S.; Cantor, Alan B.; Paw, Barry Htin (American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), 2015)
      In multicellular organisms, the mechanisms by which diverse cell types acquire distinct amino acids and how cellular function adapts to their availability are fundamental questions in biology. We found that increased neutral ...
    • Therapeutic Base Editing of Human Hematopoietic Stem Cells 

      Zeng, Jing; Wu, Yuxuan; Ren, Chunyan; Bonanno, Jasmine; Shen, Anne H.; Shea, Devlin; Gehrke, Jason M.; Clement, Kendell; Luk, Kevin; Yao, Qiuming; Kim, Rachel; Wolfe, Scot A.; Manis, John; Pinello, Luca; Joung, Keith; Bauer, Daniel (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2020-03-16)
      Base editing by nucleotide deaminases linked to programmable DNA-binding proteins represents a promising approach to permanently remedy blood disorders, although its application in engrafting hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) ...
    • TMEM14C is required for erythroid mitochondrial heme metabolism 

      Yien, Yvette Yee; Robledo, Raymond F.; Schultz, Iman J.; Takahashi-Makise, Naoko; Gwynn, Babette; Bauer, Daniel Evan; Dass, Abhishek; Yi, Gloria; Li, Liangtao; Hildick-Smith, Gordon J.; Cooney, Jeffrey D.; Pierce, Eric Adam; Mohler, Kyla; Dailey, Tamara A.; Miyata, Non; Kingsley, Paul D.; Garone, Caterina; Hattangadi, Shilpa M.; Huang, Hui; Chen, Wen; Keenan, Ellen M.; Shah, Dhvanit I; Schlaeger, Thorsten M.; DiMauro, Salvatore; Orkin, Stuart Holland; Cantor, Alan B.; Palis, James; Koehler, Carla M.; Lodish, Harvey F.; Kaplan, Jerry B.; Ward, Diane M.; Dailey, Harry A.; Phillips, John Gary; Peters, Luanne L.; Paw, Barry Htin (American Society for Clinical Investigation, 2014)
      The transport and intracellular trafficking of heme biosynthesis intermediates are crucial for hemoglobin production, which is a critical process in developing red cells. Here, we profiled gene expression in terminally ...