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    • CCR5 Is Essential for NK Cell Trafficking and Host Survival following Toxoplasma gondii Infection 

      Khan, Imtiaz A; Thomas, Seddon Y; Moretto, Magali M; Lee, Frederick S; Islam, Sabina A.; Combe, Crescent; Schwartzman, Joseph D; Luster, Andrew David (Public Library of Science, 2006)
      The host response to intracellular pathogens requires the coordinated action of both the innate and acquired immune systems. Chemokines play a critical role in the trafficking of immune cells and transitioning an innate ...
    • Identification of human CCR8 as a CCL18 receptor 

      Islam, Sabina A.; Ling, Morris F.; Leung, John; Shreffler, Wayne G.; Luster, Andrew D. (The Rockefeller University Press, 2013)
      The CC chemokine ligand 18 (CCL18) is one of the most highly expressed chemokines in human chronic inflammatory diseases. An appreciation of the role of CCL18 in these diseases has been hampered by the lack of an identified ...