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    • Adapting Sequence Models for Sentence Correction 

      Schmaltz, Allen; Kim, Yoon; Shieber, Stuart; Rush, Alexander Sasha (Association for Computational Linguistics, 2017)
      In a controlled experiment of sequence-to-sequence approaches for the task of sentence correction, we find that character-based models are generally more effective than word-based models and models that encode subword ...
    • Agent Decision-Making in Open Mixed Networks 

      Gal, Ya'akov; Grosz, Barbara J.; Kraus, Sarit; Shieber, Stuart M. (Elsevier, 2010)
      Computer systems increasingly carry out tasks in mixed networks, that is in group settings in which they interact both with other computer systems and with people. Participants in these heterogeneous human-computer groups ...
    • An algorithm for generating quantifier scopings 

      Hobbs, Jerry; Shieber, Stuart (Association for Computing Machinery, 1987)
      The syntactic structure of a sentence often manifests quite clearly the predicate-argument structure and relations of grammatical subordination. But scope dependencies are not so transparent. As a result, many systems for ...
    • An Alternative Conception of Tree-Adjoining Derivation 

      Schabes, Yves; Shieber, Stuart (MIT Press, 1994)
      The precise formulation of derivation for tree-adjoining grammars has important ramifications for a wide variety of uses of the formalism, from syntactic analysis to semantic interpretation and statistical language modeling. ...
    • An alternative conception of tree-adjoining derivation 

      Schabes, Yves; Shieber, Stuart (Association for Computational Linguistics, 1992)
      The precise formulation of derivation for tree-adjoining grammars has important ramifications for a wide variety of uses of the formalism, from syntactic analysis to semantic interpretation and statistical language modeling. ...
    • Annotating floor plans using deformable polygons 

      Ryall, Kathy; Marks, Joe; Mazer, Murray; Shieber, Stuart Merrill (1993)
      The ability to recognize regions in a bitmap image has applications in various areas, from document recognition of scanned building floor plans to processing of scanned forms. We consider the use of deformable polygons for ...
    • Arabic diacritization using weighted finite-state transducers 

      Nelken, Rani; Shieber, Stuart (Association for Computational Linguistics, 2005)
      Arabic is usually written without short vowels and additional diacritics, which are nevertheless important for several applications. We present a novel algorithm for restoring these symbols, using a cascade of probabilistic ...
    • Automatic yellow-pages pagination and layout 

      Johari, Ramesh; Marks, Joe; Partovi, Ali; Shieber, Stuart (Springer, 1997)
      The compact and harmonious layout of ads and text is a fundamental and costly step in the production of commercial telephone directories (ldquoYellow Pagesrdquo). We formulate a canonical version of Yellow-Pages pagination ...
    • Automatically Analyzing Brainstorming Language Behavior with Meeter 

      Huber, Bernd; Shieber, Stuart; Gajos, Krzysztof (Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), 2019-11-07)
      Language both influences and indicates group behavior, and we need tools that let us study the content of what is communicated. While one could annotate these spoken dialogue acts by hand, this is a tedious, not scalable ...
    • Automatically Determining Versions of Scholarly Articles 

      Rothchild, Daniel Hugo; Shieber, Stuart Merrill (Canadian Journal of Communication, 2017)
      Background: Repositories of scholarly articles should provide authoritative information about the materials they distribute and should distribute those materials in keeping with pertinent laws. To do so, it is important ...
    • Bayesian Synchronous Tree-Substitution Grammar Induction and Its Application to Sentence Compression 

      Yamangil, Elif; Shieber, Stuart M. (Association for Computational Linguistics, 2010)
      We describe our experiments with training algorithms for tree-to-tree synchronous tree-substitution grammar (STSG) for monolingual translation tasks such as sentence compression and paraphrasing. These translation tasks ...
    • Bimorphisms and synchronous grammars 

      Shieber, Stuart Merrill (Institute of Computer Science - Poland Academy of Science, 2014)
      We tend to think of the study of language as proceeding by characterizing the strings and structures of a language, and we think of natural language processing as using those structures to build systems of utility in ...
    • The Case for the Journal’s Use of a CC-BY License 

      Shieber, Stuart M. (Institute of Computer Science PAS, 2012)
      Journal of Language Modelling provides its articles under a Creative Commons CC-BY license. We discuss why this is the appropriate choice for the journal.
    • Challenges in Data-to-Document Generation 

      Wiseman, Sam Joshua; Shieber, Stuart Merrill; Rush, Alexander Sasha Matthew (Association for Computational Linguistics, 2017)
      Recent neural models have shown significant progress on the problem of generating short descriptive texts conditioned on a small number of database records. In this work, we suggest a slightly more difficult data-to-text ...
    • Colored trails: A multiagent system testbed for decision-making research (demonstration) 

      Ficici, Sevan; Pfeffer, Avrom; Gal, Ya'akov Kobi; Grosz, Barbara; Shieber, Stuart (Association for Computing Machinery, 2008)
      With increasing frequency, computer agents participate in collaborative and competitive multiagent domains in which humans reason strategically to make decisions. The deployment of computer agents in such domains requires ...
    • Complexity, Parsing, and Factorization of Tree-Local Multi-Component Tree-Adjoining Grammar 

      Nesson, Rebecca; Shieber, Stuart M.; Satta, Giorgio (Massachusetts Institute of Technology Press (MIT Press), 2010)
      Tree-Local Multi-Component Tree-Adjoining Grammar (TL-MCTAG) is an appealing formalism for natural language representation because it arguably allows the encapsulation of the appropriate domain of locality within its ...
    • A Context Free TAG Variant 

      Swanson, Ben; Yamangil, Elif; Charniak, Eugene; Shieber, Stuart M. (Association for Computational Linguistics, 2013)
    • CRADLE: An Online Plan Recognition Algorithm for Exploratory Domains 

      Shieber, Stuart; Mirsky, Reuth; Gal, Ya’akov (Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), 2017-04-22)
      In exploratory domains, agents’ behaviors include switching between activities, extraneous actions, and mistakes. Such settings are prevalent in real world applications such as interaction with open-ended software, ...
    • Criteria for Designing Computer Facilities for Linguistic Analysis 

      Shieber, Stuart M. (Walter de Gruyter, 1985)
      Abstract: In the natural-language-processing research community, the usefulness of computer tools for testing linguistic analyses is often taken for granted. Linguists, on the other hand, have generally been unaware of or ...
    • A Design Environment for Scientific and Program Visualizations 

      Kochhar, Sandeep; Friedell, Mark; Sistare, Steve; Juda, Janusz; LaPolla, Mark; Marks, Joe; McMurry, Peter; Kosak, Corey; Shieber, Stuart (1991)
      While the field of visualization has grown rapidly over the last decade, the task of designing graphical displays that depict effectively the data to be visualized is still a time-consuming, difficult, and essentially ...