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    • Dynamics of Carbon, Biomass, and Structure in Two Amazonian Forests 

      Pyle, Elizabeth Hammond; Santoni, Gregory Winn; Nascimento, Henrique E. M.; Hutyra, Lucy R.; Vieira, Simone; Curran, Daniel J.; van Haren, Joost; Saleska, Scott R.; Chow, Victoria Ye; Carmago, Plinio B.; Laurance, William; Wofsy, Steven C. (American Geophysical Union, 2008)
      Amazon forests are potentially globally significant sources or sinks for atmospheric carbon dioxide. In this study, we characterize the spatial trends in carbon storage and fluxes in both live and dead biomass (necromass) ...
    • Seasonal carbon dynamics and water fluxes in an Amazon rainforest 

      Kim, Yeonjoo; Knox, Ryan G.; Longo, Marcos; Medvigy, David; Hutyra, Lucy; Pyle, Elizabeth; Wofsy, Steven Charles; Bras, Rafael L.; Moorcroft, Paul R (Wiley-Blackwell, 2012)
      Satellite-based observations indicate that seasonal patterns in canopy greenness and productivity in the Amazon are negatively correlated with precipitation, with increased greenness occurring during the dry months. Flux ...