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    • A bioinspired omniphobic surface coating on medical devices prevents thrombosis and biofouling 

      Leslie, Daniel; Waterhouse, Anna; Berthet, Julia B; Valentin, Thomas M; Watters, Alexander; Jain, Abhishek; Kim, Philseok; Hatton, Benjamin D; Nedder, Arthur; Donovan, Kathryn; Super, Elana H; Howell, Caitlin; Johnson, Christopher P; Vu, Thy L; Bolgen, Dana; Rifai, Sami; Hansen, Anne Rosenfeld; Aizenberg, Michael; Super, Michael; Aizenberg, Joanna; Ingber, Donald Elliot (Nature Publishing Group, 2014)
      Thrombosis and biofouling of extracorporeal circuits and indwelling medical devices cause significant morbidity and mortality worldwide. We describe a bioinspired coating that repels blood from virtually any material by ...