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    • Calcium Dependent FAK/CREB/TNNC1 Signaling Mediates the Effect of Stromal MFAP5 on Ovarian Cancer Metastatic Potential 

      Leung, Cecilia S.; Yeung, Tsz-Lun; Yip, Kay-Pong; Pradeep, Sunila; Balasubramanian, Lavanya; Liu, Jinsong; Wong, Kwong-Kwok; Mangala, Lingegowda S.; Armaiz-Pena, Guillermo N.; Lopez-Berestein, Gabriel; Sood, Anil K.; Birrer, Michael J.; Mok, Samuel C. (2014)
      Ovarian cancer is the most lethal gynecologic malignancy in the United States, and advanced serous ovarian adenocarcinoma is responsible for most ovarian cancer deaths. However, the stroma-derived molecular determinants ...
    • Etiology and Pathogenesis of Epithelial Ovarian Cancer 

      Mok, Samuel C.; Kwong, Joseph; Welch, William R.; Samimi, Goli; Ozbun, Laurent; Bonome, Tomas; Birrer, Michael J.; Berkowitz, Ross S.; Wong, Kwong-Kwok (IOS Press, 2007)
      Ovarian cancer is complex disease composed of different histological grades and types. However, the underlying molecular mechanisms involved in the development of different phenotypes remain largely unknown. Epidemiological ...