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    • Automatic Prediction of Rheumatoid Arthritis Disease Activity from the Electronic Medical Records 

      Lin, Chen; Karlson, Elizabeth W.; Canhao, Helena; Miller, Timothy A.; Dligach, Dmitriy; Chen, Pei Jun; Perez, Raul Natanael Guzman; Shen, Yuanyan; Weinblatt, Michael E.; Shadick, Nancy A.; Plenge, Robert M.; Savova, Guergana K. (Public Library of Science, 2013)
      Objective: We aimed to mine the data in the Electronic Medical Record to automatically discover patients' Rheumatoid Arthritis disease activity at discrete rheumatology clinic visits. We cast the problem as a document ...
    • as a Data Source for Semi-Automated Point-Of-Care Trial Eligibility Screening 

      Pfiffner, Pascal B.; Oh, JiWon; Miller, Timothy A.; Mandl, Kenneth D. (Public Library of Science, 2014)
      Background: Implementing semi-automated processes to efficiently match patients to clinical trials at the point of care requires both detailed patient data and authoritative information about open studies. Objective: To ...
    • Negation’s Not Solved: Generalizability Versus Optimizability in Clinical Natural Language Processing 

      Wu, Stephen; Miller, Timothy; Masanz, James; Coarr, Matt; Halgrim, Scott; Carrell, David; Clark, Cheryl (Public Library of Science, 2014)
      A review of published work in clinical natural language processing (NLP) may suggest that the negation detection task has been “solved.” This work proposes that an optimizable solution does not equal a generalizable solution. ...