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    • Gauging NOTCH1 Activation in Cancer Using Immunohistochemistry 

      Kluk, Michael J.; Ashworth, Todd; Wang, Hongfang; Knoechel, Birgit; Mason, Emily F.; Morgan, Elizabeth A.; Dorfman, David; Pinkus, Geraldine; Weigert, Oliver; Hornick, Jason L.; Chirieac, Lucian R.; Hirsch, Michelle; Oh, David J.; South, Andrew P.; Leigh, Irene M.; Pourreyron, Celine; Cassidy, Andrew J.; DeAngelo, Daniel J.; Weinstock, David M.; Krop, Ian E.; Dillon, Deborah; Brock, Jane E.; Lazar, Alexander J. F.; Peto, Myron; Cho, Raymond J.; Stoeck, Alexander; Haines, Brian B.; Sathayanrayanan, Sriram; Rodig, Scott; Aster, Jon C. (Public Library of Science, 2013)
      Fixed, paraffin-embedded (FPE) tissues are a potentially rich resource for studying the role of NOTCH1 in cancer and other pathologies, but tests that reliably detect activated NOTCH1 (NICD1) in FPE samples have been ...