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    • Conic Sampling: An Efficient Method for Solving Linear and Quadratic Programming by Randomly Linking Constraints within the Interior 

      Serang, Oliver R. (Public Library of Science, 2012)
      Linear programming (LP) problems are commonly used in analysis and resource allocation, frequently surfacing as approximations to more difficult problems. Existing approaches to LP have been dominated by a small group of ...
    • Efficient Exact Maximum a Posteriori Computation for Bayesian SNP Genotyping in Polyploids 

      Serang, Oliver R; Mollinari, Marcelo; Garcia, Antonio Augusto Franco (Public Library of Science, 2012)
      The problem of genotyping polyploids is extremely important for the creation of genetic maps and assembly of complex plant genomes. Despite its significance, polyploid genotyping still remains largely unsolved and suffers ...
    • SNP genotyping allows an in-depth characterisation of the genome of sugarcane and other complex autopolyploids 

      Garcia, Antonio A. F.; Mollinari, Marcelo; Marconi, Thiago G.; Serang, Oliver R.; Silva, Renato R.; Vieira, Maria L. C.; Vicentini, Renato; Costa, Estela A.; Mancini, Melina C.; Garcia, Melissa O. S.; Pastina, Maria M.; Gazaffi, Rodrigo; Martins, Eliana R. F.; Dahmer, Nair; Sforça, Danilo A.; Silva, Claudio B. C.; Bundock, Peter; Henry, Robert J.; Souza, Glaucia M.; van Sluys, Marie-Anne; Landell, Marcos G. A.; Carneiro, Monalisa S.; Vincentz, Michel A. G.; Pinto, Luciana R.; Vencovsky, Roland; Souza, Anete P. (Nature Publishing Group, 2013)
      Many plant species of great economic value (e.g., potato, wheat, cotton, and sugarcane) are polyploids. Despite the essential roles of autopolyploid plants in human activities, our genetic understanding of these species ...