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    • Genome Engineering Technology and Its Application in Mammalian Cells 

      Cong, Le (2014-06-06)
      The advancement of high-throughput, large-scale biochemical, biophysical, and genetic technologies has enabled the generation of massive amounts of biological data and allowed us to synthesize various types of biomaterial ...
    • Genome-Scale Promoter Engineering by Coselection MAGE 

      Wang, Harris He; Kim, Hwangbeom; Cong, Le; Jeong, Jaehwan; Bang, Duhee; Church, George McDonald (Nature Publishing Group, 2012)
      Multiplex Automated Genome Engineering (MAGE) employs short oligonucleotides to scarlessly modify genomes. However, insertions of >10 bases are still inefficient, but can be improved substantially by selection of highly ...
    • Sequence determinants of improved CRISPR sgRNA design 

      Xu, Han; Xiao, Tengfei; Chen, Chen-Hao; Li, Wei; Meyer, Clifford; Wu, Qiu; Wu, Di; Cong, Le; Zhang, Feng; Liu, Jun; Brown, Myles A.; Liu, Xiaole (Shirley) Shirley (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, 2015)
      The CRISPR/Cas9 system has revolutionized mammalian somatic cell genetics. Genome-wide functional screens using CRISPR/Cas9-mediated knockout or dCas9 fusion-mediated inhibition/activation (CRISPRi/a) are powerful techniques ...