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    • Complex shapes self-assembled from single-stranded DNA tiles 

      Wei, Bryan; Dai, Mingjie; Yin, Peng (Springer Nature, 2012)
      Programmed self-assembly of strands of nucleic acid has proved highly effective for creating a wide range of structures with desired shapes. A particularly successful implementation is DNA origami, in which a long scaffold ...
    • Multiplexed 3D cellular super-resolution imaging with DNA-PAINT and Exchange-PAINT 

      Jungmann, Ralf; Avendaño, Maier S; Woehrstein, Johannes B; Dai, Mingjie; Shih, William; Yin, Peng (Springer Nature, 2014)
      Super-resolution fluorescence microscopy is a powerful tool for biological research, but obtaining multiplexed images for a large number of distinct target species remains challenging. Here we use the transient binding of ...
    • Nanoscale Organization and Optical Observation of Biomolecules With DNA Nanotechnology 

      Dai, Mingjie (2016-05-19)
      Understanding biomolecular information at the single-molecule level requires tools for manipulating and observing individual biomolecules at the nanoscale. Programmable DNA nanotechnology provides an ideal interface to ...
    • Optical visualisation of individual biomolecules in densely packed clusters 

      Dai, Mingjie; Jungmann, Ralf; Yin, Peng (2016)
      Recent advances in fluorescence super-resolution microscopy have allowed sub-cellular features and synthetic nanostructures down to ~15 nm in size to be imaged. However, direct optical observation of individual molecular ...
    • Quantitative Super-Resolution Imaging with qPAINT using Transient Binding Analysis 

      Jungmann, Ralf; Avendaño, Maier S; Dai, Mingjie; Woehrstein, Johannes B; Agasti, Sarit S; Feiger, Zachary; Rodal, Avital; Yin, Peng (2016)
      Current super-resolution techniques offer unprecedented spatial resolution, but quantitative counting of spatially unresolvable molecules remains challenging. Here, we use the programmable and specific binding of dye-labeled ...
    • Rotation Tracking of Genome-Processing Enzymes Using DNA Origami Rotors 

      Kosuri, Pallav; Dai, Mingjie; Yin, Peng; Zhuang, Xiaowei; Altheimer, Benjamin (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2019-07-17)
      Many genome-processing reactions, including transcription, replication and repair, generate DNA rotation. Methods that directly measure DNA rotation, such as rotor bead tracking angular optical trapping and magnetic tweezers, ...
    • Single-Stranded DNA and RNA Origami 

      Han, Dongran; Qi, Xiaodong; Myhrvold, Cameron; Wang, Bei; Dai, Mingjie; Jiang, Shuoxing; Bates, Maxwell; Liu, Yan; An, Byoungkwon; Zhang, Fei; Yan, Hao; Yin, Peng (American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), 2017-12-15)
      Self-folding of an information-carrying polymer into a defined structure is foundational to biology and offers attractive potential as a synthetic strategy. Although multicomponent self-assembly has produced complex synthetic ...
    • Super-resolution labelling with Action-PAINT 

      Liu, Ninning; Dai, Mingjie; Saka, Sinem K.; Yin, Peng (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2019-09-16)