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    • MenaINV mediates synergistic cross-talk between signaling pathways driving chemotaxis and haptotaxis 

      Oudin, Madeleine J.; Miller, Miles A.; Klazen, Joelle A. Z.; Kosciuk, Tatsiana; Lussiez, Alisha; Hughes, Shannon K.; Tadros, Jenny; Bear, James E.; Lauffenburger, Douglas A.; Gertler, Frank B. (The American Society for Cell Biology, 2016)
      Directed cell migration, a key process in metastasis, arises from the combined influence of multiple processes, including chemotaxis—the directional movement of cells to soluble cues—and haptotaxis—the migration of cells ...
    • Single cell imaging of Bruton's Tyrosine Kinase using an irreversible inhibitor 

      Turetsky, Anna; Kim, Eunha; Kohler, Rainer H.; Miller, Miles A.; Weissleder, Ralph (Nature Publishing Group, 2014)
      A number of Bruton's tyrosine kinase (BTK) inhibitors are currently in development, yet it has been difficult to visualize BTK expression and pharmacological inhibition in vivo in real time. We synthesized a fluorescent, ...
    • Tumor associated macrophages act as a slow-release reservoir of nano-therapeutic Pt(IV) pro-drug 

      Miller, Miles A.; Zheng, Yao-Rong; Gadde, Suresh; Pfirschke, Christina; Zope, Harshal; Engblom, Camilla; Kohler, Rainer H.; Iwamoto, Yoshiko; Yang, Katherine S.; Askevold, Bjorn; Kolishetti, Nagesh; Pittet, Mikael; Lippard, Stephen J.; Farokhzad, Omid C.; Weissleder, Ralph (2015)
      Therapeutic nanoparticles (TNPs) aim to deliver drugs more safely and effectively to cancers, yet clinical results have been unpredictable owing to limited in vivo understanding. Here we use single-cell imaging of intratumoral ...