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    • Probing the Carboxyester Side Chain in Controlled Deactivation (−)-Δ8-Tetrahydrocannabinols 

      Nikas, Spyros P.; Sharma, Rishi; Paronis, Carol A.; Kulkarni, Shashank; Thakur, Ganesh A.; Hurst, Dow; Wood, JodiAnne T.; Gifford, Roger S.; Rajarshi, Girija; Liu, Yingpeng; Raghav, Jimit Girish; Guo, Jason Jianxin; Järbe, Torbjörn U.C.; Reggio, Patricia H.; Bergman, Jack; Makriyannis, Alexandros (American Chemical Society, 2014)
      We recently reported on a controlled deactivation/detoxification approach for obtaining cannabinoids with improved druggability. Our design incorporates a metabolically labile ester group at strategic positions within the ...