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    • Epstein–Barr Virus Infection of Mammary Epithelial Cells Promotes Malignant Transformation☆ 

      Hu, Hai; Luo, Man-Li; Desmedt, Christine; Nabavi, Sheida; Yadegarynia, Sina; Hong, Alex; Konstantinopoulos, Panagiotis A.; Gabrielson, Edward; Hines-Boykin, Rebecca; Pihan, German; Yuan, Xin; Sotirious, Christos; Dittmer, Dirk P.; Fingeroth, Joyce D.; Wulf, Gerburg M. (Elsevier, 2016)
      Whether the human tumor virus, Epstein–Barr Virus (EBV), promotes breast cancer remains controversial and a potential mechanism has remained elusive. Here we show that EBV can infect primary mammary epithelial cells (MECs) ...