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    • Charge Noise Spectroscopy Using Coherent Exchange Oscillations in a Singlet-Triplet Qubit 

      Dial, O; Shulman, Michael Dean; Harvey, Shannon Pasca; Bluhm, H.; Umansky, V.; Yacoby, Amir (American Physical Society (APS), 2013)
      Two level systems that can be reliably controlled and measured hold promise as qubits both for metrology and for quantum information science. Since a fluctuating environment limits the performance of qubits in both capacities, ...
    • Demonstration of Entanglement of Electrostatically Coupled Singlet-Triplet Qubits 

      Shulman, Michael Dean; Dial, O; Harvey, Shannon Pasca; Bluhm, H.; Umansky, V.; Yacoby, Amir (American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), 2012)
      Quantum computers have the potential to solve certain problems faster than classical computers. To exploit their power, it is necessary to perform interqubit operations and generate entangled states. Spin qubits are a ...
    • Entanglement and Metrology With Singlet-Triplet Qubits 

      Shulman, Michael Dean (2015-05-04)
      Electron spins confined in semiconductor quantum dots are emerging as a promising system to study quantum information science and to perform sensitive metrology. Their weak interaction with the environment leads to long ...