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    • CRISPR RNA-guided activation of endogenous human genes 

      Maeder, Morgan L; Linder, Samantha J; Cascio, Vincent M; Fu, Yanfang; Ho, Quan H; Joung, J Keith (2013)
      Catalytically inactive CRISPR-associated 9 nuclease (dCas9) can be directed by short guide RNAs (gRNAs) to repress endogenous genes in bacteria and human cells. Here we show that a dCas9-VP64 transcriptional activation ...
    • In silico abstraction of zinc finger nuclease cleavage profiles reveals an expanded landscape of off-target sites 

      Sander, Jeffry D.; Ramirez, Cherie L.; Linder, Samantha J.; Pattanayak, Vikram; Shoresh, Noam; Ku, Manching; Foden, Jennifer A.; Reyon, Deepak; Bernstein, Bradley E.; Liu, David R.; Joung, J. Keith (Oxford University Press, 2013)
      Gene-editing nucleases enable targeted modification of DNA sequences in living cells, thereby facilitating efficient knockout and precise editing of endogenous loci. Engineered nucleases also have the potential to introduce ...
    • Robust, synergistic regulation of human gene expression using TALE activators 

      Maeder, Morgan L.; Linder, Samantha J.; Reyon, Deepak; Angstman, James F.; Fu, Yanfang; Sander, Jeffry D.; Joung, J. Keith (2013)
      Artificial transcription activator-like (TAL) effector-based activators (TALE activators) have broad utility but previous studies suggest that these monomeric proteins often possess low activities. Here we demonstrate that ...