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    • Bridging the Gap between Computer Science and Legal Approaches to Privacy 

      Nissim, Kobbi; Bembenek, Aaron; Wood, Alexandra B; Bun, Mark Mar; Gaboardi, Marco; Gasser, Urs; O'Brien, David; Vadhan, Salil P.; Steinke, Thomas (Harvard Law School, 2018)
      The analysis and release of statistical data about individuals and groups of individuals carries inherent privacy risks, and these risks have been conceptualized in different ways within the fields of law and computer ...
    • Elements of a New Ethical Framework for Big Data Research 

      Vayena, Effy; Gasser, Urs; Wood, Alexandra B; O'Brien, David; Altman, Micah (Washington & Lee University School of Law, 2016)
      Emerging large-scale data sources hold tremendous potential for new scientific research into human biology, behaviors, and relationships. At the same time, big data research presents privacy and ethical challenges that the ...
    • A Harm-Reduction Framework for Algorithmic Fairness 

      Altman, Micah; Wood, Alexandra B; Vayena, Effy (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2018)
      In this article, we recognize the profound effects that algorithmic decision-making can have on people's lives and propose a harm-reduction framework for algorithmic fairness. We argue that any evaluation of algorithmic ...
    • Integrating Approaches to Privacy Across the Research Lifecycle: When Is Information Purely Public? 

      Gasser, Urs; O'Brien, David R.; Ullman, Jonathan; Altman, Micah; Bar-sinai, Michael; Nissim, Kobbi; Vadhan, Salil P.; Wojcik, Michael John; Wood, Alexandra B (Berkman Center for Internet & Society, 2015)
      On September 24-25, 2013, the Privacy Tools for Sharing Research Data project at Harvard University held a workshop titled "Integrating Approaches to Privacy across the Research Data Lifecycle." Over forty leading experts ...
    • Practical approaches to big data privacy over time 

      Altman, Micah; Wood, Alexandra B; O'Brien, David; Gasser, Urs (Oxford University Press (OUP), 2018)
      Key Points Governments and businesses are increasingly collecting, analysing, and sharing detailed information about individuals over long periods of time. Vast quantities of data from new sources and novel methods ...
    • Privacy and Open Data Research Briefing 

      Wood, Alexandra B; O'Brien, David; Gasser, Urs (Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society, 2016)