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    • Community-level cohesion without cooperation 

      Tikhonov, Mikhail (eLife Sciences Publications, Ltd, 2016)
      Recent work draws attention to community-community encounters ('coalescence') as likely an important factor shaping natural ecosystems. This work builds on MacArthur’s classic model of competitive coexistence to investigate ...
    • Diet-induced extinction in the gut microbiota compounds over generations 

      Sonnenburg, Erica D.; Smits, Samuel A.; Tikhonov, Mikhail; Higginbottom, Steven K.; Wingreen, Ned S.; Sonnenburg, Justin L. (2015)
      The gut is home to trillions of microbes that play a fundamental role in many aspects of human biology including immune function and metabolism 1,2. The reduced diversity of the Western microbiota compared to populations ...