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    • Evolution of a TRIM5-CypA Splice Isoform in Old World Monkeys 

      Newman, Ruchi M.; Hall, Laura R; Kirmaier, Andrea; Pozzi, Lu-Ann; Pery, Erez; Farzan, Michael Reynolds; O'Neil, Shawn P.; Johnson, Welkin Eric (Public Library of Science, 2008)
      The TRIM family proteins share a conserved arrangement of three adjacent domains, an N-terminal RING domain, followed by one or two B-boxes and a coiled-coil, which constitutes the tripartite-motif for which the family is ...
    • TRIM5 Suppresses Cross-Species Transmission of a Primate Immunodeficiency Virus and Selects for Emergence of Resistant Variants in the New Species 

      Wu, Fan; Newman, Ruchi M.; O'Connor, Shelby; Marx, Preston A.; Goldstein, Simoy; Buckler-White, Alicia; Hirsch, Vanessa M.; Kirmaier, Andrea; Hall, Laura R; Morgan, Jennifer Sauvron; Meythaler, Mareike; Kaur, Amitinder; Johnson, Welkin Eric (Public Library of Science, 2010)
      Simian immunodeficiency viruses of sooty mangabeys (SIVsm) are the source of multiple, successful cross-species transmissions, having given rise to HIV-2 in humans, SIVmac in rhesus macaques, and SIVstm in stump-tailed ...