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    • A novel role of CD4 Th17 cells in mediating cardiac allograft rejection and vasculopathy 

      Paez-Cortez, Jesus; Schmitt-Knosalla, Isabela; Mfarrej, Bechara; Donnarumma, Michela; Habicht, Antje; Clarkson, Michael R.; Ansari, M. Javeed; Yuan, Xueli; D'Addio, Francesca; Iacomini, John J.; Glimcher, Laurie Hollis; Sayegh, Mohamed Hassan (The Rockefeller University Press, 2008)
      T-bet plays a crucial role in Th1 development. We investigated the role of T-bet in the development of allograft rejection in an established MHC class II–mismatched (bm12 into B6) model of chronic allograft vasculopathy ...
    • Novel therapeutic and diagnostic management of heart transplant patients 

      D'Addio, Francesca; Margonato, Davide; Pensato, Umberto; Borgese, Laura; Potena, Luciano; Fiorina, Paolo (EDIMES Edizioni Internazionali Srl, 2015)
      Heart transplantation was performed for the first time 40 years ago and it is now universally considered the “gold standard” treatment for individuals suffering from end-stage heart failure. The increased understanding of ...