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    • Analysis of Rare, Exonic Variation amongst Subjects with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Population Controls 

      Liu, Li; Sabo, Aniko; Neale, Benjamin Michael; Nagaswamy, Uma; Stevens, Christine; Lim, Elaine; Bodea, Corneliu A.; Muzny, Donna; Reid, Jeffrey G.; Banks, Eric; Coon, Hillary; DePristo, Mark; Dinh, Huyen; Fennel, Tim; Flannick, Jason A.; Gabriel, Stacey; Garimella, Kiran; Gross, Shannon; Hawes, Alicia; Lewis, Lora; Makarov, Vladimir; Maguire, Jared; Newsham, Irene; Poplin, Ryan; Ripke, Stephan; Shakir, Khalid; Samocha, Kaitlin Elisabeth; Wu, Yuanqing; Boerwinkle, Eric; Buxbaum, Joseph D.; Cook, Edwin H., Jr.; Devlin, Bernie; Schellenberg, Gerard D.; Sutcliffe, James S.; Daly, Mark Joseph; Gibbs, Richard A.; Roeder, Kathryn (Public Library of Science, 2013)
      We report on results from whole-exome sequencing (WES) of 1,039 subjects diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and 870 controls selected from the NIMH repository to be of similar ancestry to cases. The WES data ...
    • Patterns and rates of exonic de novo mutations in autism spectrum disorders 

      Neale, Benjamin Michael; Kou, Yan; Liu, Li; Ma'ayan, Avi; Samocha, Kaitlin Elisabeth; Sabo, Aniko; Lin, Chiao-Feng; Stevens, Christine; Wang, Li-San; Makarov, Vladimir; Polak, Pazi Penchas; Yoon, Seungtai; Maguire, Jared; Crawford, Emily L.; Campbell, Nicholas G.; Geller, Evan T.; Valladares, Otto; Shafer, Chad; Liu, Han; Zhao, Tuo; Cai, Guiqing; Lihm, Jayon; Dannenfelser, Ruth; Jabado, Omar; Peralta, Zuleyma; Nagaswamy, Uma; Muzny, Donna; Reid, Jeffrey G.; Newsham, Irene; Wu, Yuanqing; Lewis, Lora; Han, Yi; Voight, Benjamin F.; Lim, Elaine; Rossin, Elizabeth Jeffries; Kirby, Andrew; Flannick, Jason A.; Fromer, Menachem; Shakir, Khalid; Fennell, Tim; Garimella, Kiran; Banks, Eric; Poplin, Ryan; Gabriel, Stacey; DePristo, Mark; Wimbish, Jack R.; Boone, Braden E.; Levy, Shawn E.; Betancur, Catalina; Sunyaev, Shamil R.; Boerwinkle, Eric; Buxbaum, Joseph D.; Cook, Edwin H.; Devlin, Bernie; Gibbs, Richard A.; Roeder, Kathryn; Schellenberg, Gerard D.; Sutcliffe, James S.; Daly, Mark Joseph (2013)
      Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are believed to have genetic and environmental origins, yet in only a modest fraction of individuals can specific causes be identified1,2. To identify further genetic risk factors, we assess ...