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    • A Comparative Effectiveness Analysis of Three Continuous Glucose Monitors 

      Damiano, Edward R.; El-Khatib, Firas H.; Zheng, Hui; Nathan, David M.; Russell, Steven J. (American Diabetes Association, 2013)
      OBJECTIVE To compare three continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) devices in subjects with type 1 diabetes under closed-loop blood glucose (BG) control. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS Six subjects with type 1 diabetes (age 52 ± ...
    • Impaired Thermogenesis and Adipose Tissue Development in Mice with Fat-Specific Disruption of Insulin and IGF-1 Signalling 

      Boucher, Jeremie; Mori, Marcelo A.; Lee, Kevin Y.; Smyth, Graham; Liew, Chong-Wee; Macotela, Yazmin; Rourk, Michael; Bluher, Matthias; Russell, Steven J.; Kahn, C. Ronald (Nature Publishing Group, 2012)
      Insulin and insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) play important roles in adipocyte differentiation, glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity. Here, to assess how these pathways can compensate for each other, we created ...
    • Lessons on Conditional Gene Targeting in Mouse Adipose Tissue 

      Lee, Kevin Y.; Russell, Steven J.; Ussar, Siegfried; Boucher, Jeremie; Vernochet, Cecile; Mori, Marcelo A.; Smyth, Graham; Rourk, Michael; Cederquist, Carly; Rosen, Evan D.; Kahn, Barbara B.; Kahn, C. Ronald (American Diabetes Association, 2013)
      Conditional gene targeting has been extensively used for in vivo analysis of gene function in adipocyte cell biology but often with debate over the tissue specificity and the efficacy of inactivation. To directly compare ...