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    • A Novel Inhibitory Mechanism of Mitochondrion-Dependent Apoptosis by a Herpesviral Protein 

      Feng, Pinghui; Liang, Chengyu; Shin, Young Cheol; E, Xiaofei; Zhang, Weijun; Gravel, Robyn; Wu, Ting-ting; Sun, Ren; Usherwood, Edward; Jung, Jae Ung (Public Library of Science, 2007)
      Upon viral infection, cells undergo apoptosis as a defense against viral replication. Viruses, in turn, have evolved elaborate mechanisms to subvert apoptotic processes. Here, we report that a novel viral mitochondrial ...
    • Structural and Biochemical Bases for the Inhibition of Autophagy and Apoptosis by Viral BCL-2 of Murine γ-Herpesvirus 68 

      Ku, Bonsu; Woo, Jae-Sung; Liang, Chengyu; Lee, Kwang-Hoon; Hong, Hyang-Suk; E, Xiaofei; Kim, Key-Sun; Jung, Jae Ung; Oh, Byung-Ha (Public Library of Science, 2008)
      All gammaherpesviruses express homologues of antiapoptotic B-cell lymphoma-2 (BCL-2) to counter the clearance of infected cells by host antiviral defense machineries. To gain insights into the action mechanisms of these ...
    • Viral Bcl-2-Mediated Evasion of Autophagy Aids Chronic Infection of γHerpesvirus 68 

      E, Xiaofei; Hwang, Seungmin; Oh, Soohwan; Lee, Jong-Soo; Jeong, Joseph H.; Gwack, Yousang; Kowalik, Timothy F.; Sun, Ren; Liang, Chengyu; Stevenson, Philip G.; Jung, Jae Ung (Public Library of Science, 2009)
      γ-herpesviruses (γHVs) have developed an interaction with their hosts wherein they establish a life-long persistent infection and are associated with the onset of various malignancies. One critical virulence factor involved ...