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    • Decreased Cerebrovascular Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor–Mediated Neuroprotection in the Diabetic Brain 

      Navaratna, Deepti; Guo, Shu-Zhen; Hayakawa, Kazhuhide; Wang, Xiaoying; Gerhardinger, Chiara; Lo, Eng H. (American Diabetes Association, 2011)
      Objective: Diabetes is an independent risk factor for stroke. However, the underlying mechanism of how diabetes confers that this risk is not fully understood. We hypothesize that secretion of neurotrophic factors by the ...
    • The Vasculome of the Mouse Brain 

      Guo, Shu-Zhen; Zhou, Yiming; Xing, Changhong; Lok, Josephine M.; Som, Angel T.; Ning, MingMing; Ji, Xunming; Lo, Eng H. (Public Library of Science, 2012)
      The blood vessel is no longer viewed as passive plumbing for the brain. Increasingly, experimental and clinical findings suggest that cerebral endothelium may possess endocrine and paracrine properties – actively releasing ...