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    • The Dissociation between Early and Late Selection in Older Adults 

      Alperin, Brittany R.; Haring, Anna E.; Zhuravleva, Tatyana; Holcomb, Phillip J.; Rentz, Dorene May; Daffner, Kirk R. (MIT Press - Journals, 2013)
      Older adults exhibit a reduced ability to ignore task-irrelevant stimuli; however, it remains to be determined where along the information processing stream the most salient age-associated changes occur. In the current ...
    • Does modulation of selective attention to features reflect enhancement or suppression of neural activity? 

      Daffner, Kirk R.; Zhuravleva, Tatyana; Sun, Xue; Tarbi, Elise C.; Haring, Anna E.; Rentz, Dorene May; Holcomb, Phillip J. (Elsevier BV, 2012)
      Numerous studies have demonstrated that selective attention to color is associated with a larger neural response under attend than ignore conditions, but have not addressed whether this difference reflects enhanced activity ...
    • The Influence of Executive Capacity on Selective Attention and Subsequent Processing 

      Daffner, Kirk R.; Tarbi, Elise C.; Haring, Anna E.; Zhuravleva, Tatyana; Sun, Xue; Rentz, Dorene M.; Holcomb, Phillip J. (Frontiers Media S.A., 2012)
      Recent investigations that suggest selective attention (SA) is dependent on top-down control mechanisms lead to the expectation that individuals with high executive capacity (EC) would exhibit more robust neural indices ...